Prof. Dr. Johanna F. Ziegel

Professor of Applied Stochastics / Director of IMSV

Institute of Mathematical Statistics and Actuarial Science (IMSV)

+41 31 684 88 03
Postal Address
Alpeneggstrasse 22
CH-3012 Bern
Consultation Hour
by arrangement

Upcoming presentations and conference participations


  • 13th German Probability and Statistics Days 2018.
    27 February - 2 March 2018, University of Freiburg, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany.
  • Seminar.
    13 March 2018, HITS, Heidelberg, Germany.


  • Prof. Fabio Bellini
    University of Milano-Bicocca, Milan, Italy
  • Dr. Valeria Bignozzi
    University of Florence, Italy
  • Prof. Freddy Delbaen
    ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  • Dr. Karl-Anton Dorph-Petersen
    Center for Psychiatric Research, Aarhus University Hospital, Risskov, Denmark
  • Prof. Damir Filipovic
    EPF Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Prof. Christian Genest
    McGill University, Montreal, Canada
  • Prof. Tilmann Gneiting
    Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies, Germany
  • Prof. Peter Hall
    University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Prof. Eva B. Vedel Jensen
    Aarhus University, Denmark
  • Dr. Alexander Jordan
    Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies, Germany
  • Prof. Markus Kiderlen
    Aarhus University, Denmark
  • Jun.Prof. Fabian Krüger
    Heidelberg University, Germany
  • Prof. Johanna G. Nešlehová
    McGill University, Montreal, Canada
  • Prof. Natalia Nolde
    University of British Columbia, Canada
  • Prof. Andrew Patton
    Duke University, USA
  • Prof. Mark Podolskij
    Aarhus University, Denmark
  • Prof. Ruodu Wang
    University of Waterloo, Canada

Phd students

  • Anja Mühlemann (2017-)
  • Christof Strähl (2014-)
    (with Lutz Dümbgen)
  • Tobias Fissler (2013-2017); now Chapman Fellow at Imperial College London
    On Higher Order Elicitability and Some Limit Theorems on the Poisson and Wiener Space

Master students

  • Mara Trübner (2014-2015)
    A Montée and Descente operator on spheres
  • Janine Kuratli (2014-2015)
    Investigating isotropy of particles using stereological methods
  • Marzio Vanina (2013-2014)
    Elicitability of translation-invariant functionals
  • Christof Strähl (2013-2014)
    Notions of cross-calibration for probabilistic forecasts

Bachelor students

  • Sebastian Arnold (2017)
    Copulas for stochastically ordered random variables
  • Alexander Henzi (2017)
    Evaluating inflation forecasts
  • Amanda Carrera (2015)
    Pair copulas
  • Yanick Joss (2015)
    Extreme value theory
  • Valerie Koller (2015)
    Das Momentenproblem
  • Beatrice Balmer (2015)
    Bivariate archimedische Copulas
  • Anja Mühlemann (2014)
    Renewal theory
  • Tobias Fissler (2011)
    Convergence rates of central limit theorems (with Mark Podolskij)
  • Munir Hiabu (2011)
    Central limit theorems and contractions (with Mark Podolskij)
  • Johannes Jörg (2011)
    Stein's method and Malliavin Calculus (with Mark Podolskij)
  • Carolin Margraf (2011)
    Central limit theorems via Malliavin derivative (with Mark Podolskij)