Statistical Consulting

Many scientific studies involve measurements or empirical data and require statistical analyses. The Institute for Mathematical Statistics and Actuarial Science (IMSV) offers support in these matters. This includes:

  • Support in the planning of experiments or studies.
  • Advice on available statistical methods to analyze your data.
  • Checking, monitoring and analysis of data.
  • Writing reports on the statistical analyses.

The type and intensity of cooperation between clients and the IMSV vary. In some cases only a short meeting is required and the clients do most of the statistics themselves. In other cases regular meetings with substantial input from the IMSV are necessary. It is always advisable to get into contact with the IMSV in an early stage of the study to clarify conceptual issues and avoid pitfalls.

Typically we meet with (potential) clients for about one hour to discuss their issues. For scientists from the University of Bern this service is free of charge. Extended support or cooperation have to be paid. In such cases the IMSV provides an estimate of costs.

If you are interested in this consulting service, please use our online form.

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