Titleimage: Institute of Mathematical Statistics and Actuarial Science

The Institute pursues research in statistics and related fields. It is responsible for the education of students in these topics. At the University of Bern, statistics is part of the Bachelor and Master programs in Mathematics. Moreover, the Institute is home to the Master program in Statistics and Data Science, which includes courses on probability theory, statistics, mathematical finance and actuarial science.

In addition to the training of students from other fields (natural sciences, economics, medicine, etc.), the Institute also offers continuing education programs.

The Institute is involved in collaborative research and transfer activities. This includes joint projects as well as consultancy cases with academic partners and various public and private organisations. While part of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, the Institute also has strong ties to the Oeschger Center for Climate Change Research.

The Institute is led by Professors Lutz Dümbgen, David Ginsbourger, Ilya Molchanov and Johanna Ziegel. Current acting director is Lutz Dümbgen.

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