2022/03/25 | Departement | Studierende

PhD defence Riccardo Turin

Riccardo Turin has successfully defended his PhD thesis in Statistics with the title "Distributional Approximations and Set-Valued Sublinear Expectations".

Riccardo Turin
Riccardo Turin

The IMSV congratulates Riccardo on the completion of his Doctorate under the guidance of Ilya Molchanov. Some of Riccardo's PhD research is available in the following publications and preprints:

  1. I. Molchanov and R. Turin. Convex bodies generated by sublinear expectations of random vectors. Advances in Applied Mathematics, 2021, 102251, 31 pp. [DOI:10.1016/j.aam.2021.102251]
  2. C. Bhattacharjee, I. Molchanov and R. Turin. Central limit theorem for birth-growth model with Poisson arrivals and random growth speed, preprint [arXiv:2107.06792]
  3. F. Pianoforte, R. Turin. Multivariate Poisson and Poisson Process approximations with applications to Bernoulli sums and U-statistics [arXiv:2105.01599]