Institute of Mathematical Statistics and Actuarial Science

Swiss Statistics Seminars

These half-day workshops are organized by various research groups at Swiss universities in cooperation with the Swiss Statistical Society (SSS), Section Education and Research.

Next workshop

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the next Swiss Statistics Seminar will take place in the fall of 2021 or later.

Former events

Fall 2019 (October 25)

  • Jonas PETERS (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
    Towards Using Causality in the Sciences
  • Patrick WOLFE (Purdue University, USA)
    Modeling Large Networks and Network Populations

Fall 2018 (November 9)

  • Thordis THORARINSDOTTIR (Norwegian Computing Center, Oslo)
    Post-processing climate model output to obtain accurate high-resolution climate projections
  • Richard SAMWORTH (University of Cambridge)
    Classification with imperfect training labels

Spring 2017 (May 5)

  • Sebastian ENGELKE (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)
    An Entropy-Based Test for Multivariate Threshold Exceedances
  • Matthias TEMPL (Zürich University of Applied Sciences)
    Creating Public-Use Synthetic Data From Complex Surveys
  • Damian KOZBUR (University of Zürich)
    Targeted Undersmoothing

Spring 2015 (April 24)

  • Wilfrid KENDALL (University of Warwick) 
    A Perfect Queue
  • Julie JOSSE (Agrocampus Ouest, Rennes) 
    A Flexible Framework for Regularized Low-Rank Matrix Estimation
  • Holger DETTE (Ruhr University Bochum) 
    Copula Based Spectral Analysis

Fall 2014 (November 7)

  • David TYLER (Rutgers University)
    Robust covariances: Structured models and regularization
  • Sonia PETRONE (Bocconi University, Milano)
    On merging of Bayes and Empirical Bayes
  • Francis BACH (ENS Paris)
    Beyond stochastic gradient descent for large-scale machine learning

Spring 2014 (April 11)

  • Donald RICHARDS (Pennsylvania State University)
    The affinely invariant distance correlation
  • Antonietta MIRA (University of Lugano)
    Ordering and improving the performance of Monte Carlo Markov chains
  • Rajen SHAH (University of Cambridge)
    Min-wise hashing for large-scale regression

Spring 2013 (April 26)

  • Hein PUTTER (Leiden University)
    The Landmark Approach: An Introduction and Application to Dynamic Prediction in Competing Risks
  • Johanna F. ZIEGEL (University of Bern)
    Coherence and Elicitability
  • Piotr FRYZLEWICZ (London School of Economics and Political Science)
    Wild Binary Segmentation for Multiple Change-Point Detection

Fall 2012 (October 26)

  • Nanny WERMUTH (Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg)
    Traceable Regressions in a Prospective Study of Child Development
  • Jennifer L. WADSWORTH (EPF Lausanne)
    Dependence Modelling for Extreme Values
  • Anatoli JUDITSKY (Joseph Fourier University, Grenoble)
    Accuracy Guarantees for ℓ1 Recovery of Block-Sparse Signals

Spring 2012 (April 20)

  • Anestis ANTONIADIS (Joseph Fourier University, Grenoble)
    Wavelet Methods for Continuous-Time Prediction by Means of Markov Switching Autoregressive Hilbert Space Processes
  • Guillaume OBOZINSKI (ENS Paris)
    Convex Relaxation for Combinatorial Penalties
  • Jon WELLNER (University of Washington, Seattle)
    On and Off Semiparametric Models

Fall 2011 (October 25; Swiss Statistics Meeting in Fribourg)

  • Dominic SCHUHMACHER (University of Bern)
    Maximum-Likelihood Estimation of a Log-Concave Density based on Censored Data
  • Lutz DÜMBGEN (University of Bern)
    Comments on Projection Pursuit in High-Dimensional Settings

Spring 2011 (April 15)

  • Stefan SPERLICH (University of Geneva)
    Imposing Structure by Prior Knowledge in Semiparametric Analysis
  • Gilles BLANCHARD (University of Potsdam)
    On Optimal Rates for Kernel Conjugate Gradient Regularization under Random Design and Noise
  • Geurt JONGBLOED (TU Delft)
    Everything is Getting Worse... Or Not?

Fall 2010 (October 22)

  • Richard Nickl (University of Cambridge)
    On Adaptive Nonparametric Inference
  • Juliette BLANCHET (SLF Davos)
    Spatial Modeling of Extreme Snow Depth in Switzerland
  • Gilles CELEUX (University of Paris XI, Orsay)
    Comparing Different Points of View for Analyzing Finite Mixture Models

Spring 2010 (April 23)

  • Catalin STARICA (University of Neuchâtel)
    The stock markets of Europe: Globalization or European Integration?
  • Niko BEERENWINKEL (ETH Zürich/Basel)
    Evolutionary Dynamics of Cancer
  • Tilmann GNEITING (University of Heidelberg)
    Making and Evaluating Point Forecasts

Fall 2009 (October 30; Swiss Statistics Meeting in Geneva)

  • Reinhard FURRER (University of Zurich)
    Climate Change: The Uncertainty of Certainty
  • Christian KLEIBER (University of Basel)
    Majorization (not only) in Inequality Measurement
  • Sylvain SARDY (University of Geneva)
    L1-Penalized Likelihood Smoothing of Volatility Processes Allowing for Abrupt Changes

Spring 2009 (April 24)

  • Alan WELSH (Australian National University, Canberra)
    Recent Reflections on Extra Zeros in Count Data
  • Regina LIU (Rutgers University)
    Mining Massive Text Data: Classification, Tracking Statistics and Inference under Misclassification
  • Richard GILL (Leiden University)
    Statistics on Trial: The Case of Lucia de Berk

Fall 2008 (October 24)

  • Fabrizio RUGGERI (CNR-IMATI, Milano)
    Some Results in Bayesian Reliability
  • Fred HAMPRECHT  (Heidelberg University)
    Active Learning in Industrial Quality Control
  • Omiros PAPASPILIOPOULOS (Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona)
    Representations and Posterior Simulation for Dirichlet Hierarchical Models with Applications to Inference for Non-Parametric Hidden Markov Models

Spring 2008 (April 25)

  • Hajo HOLZMANN (University of Karlsruhe)
    Likelihood Inference for Mixtures and Hidden Markov Models under Non-Standard Conditions
  • Richard E. CHANDLER (University College London)
    Space-time Modelling Using Independence and Generalised Estimating Equations
  • Leonard HELD (University of Zurich)
    Multivariate Modelling of Infectious Disease Surveillance Data

Fall 2007 (November 16; Swiss Statistics Meeting in Lucerne)

  • Victor PANARETOS (University of California at Berkeley; EPF Lausanne)
    Partially Observed Stochastic Epidemics
  • Marloes MAATHUIS (University of Washington, Seattle; ETH Zurich)
    Limiting Distribution of the MLE for Current Status Data with Competing Risks
  • Laurie DAVIES (University of Duisburg-Essen)
    Approximation Regions and Nonparametric Regression

Spring 2007 (May 11)

  • Yanyuan MA (University of Neuchâtel)
    Parameter and Functional Estimation in Semiparametric Models
  • Yuedong WANG (University of California at Santa Barbara)
    ASSIST: A Suite of S Functions Implementing Spline Smoothing Techniques
  • Nicola SARTORI (Ca' Foscari University of Venice)
    Likelihood Inference for a Problem in Particle Physics
  • Markus REISS (Heidelberg University)
    Statistical Inverse Problems with Error in the Operator

Fall 2006 (December 8)

  • Marc GENTON (University of Geneva)
    Modeling and Inference Based on the Multivariate Skew-t Distribution
  • Juan José EGOZCUE (Polytechnic University of Catalonia)
    The Sample Space of Compositional Data
  • Tony ROSSINI (Novartis, Basel)
    Modeling, Simulation, Computing and Pharma
  • Christophe CROUX (KU Leuven)
    Robust Discrimination: An Influence Function Appraoch

Spring 2006 (May 19)

  • Davy PAINDAVEINE (ULB, Brussels)
    Rank-Based Tests of Multivariate Independence in Independent Component Models
  • Martin SCHLATHER (Helmut Schmidt University, Hamburg)
    Simulation of Gaussian Random Fields
  • Ian L. DRYDEN (University of Nottingham)
    Travels in Shape Spaces

Fall 2005 (November 11; Swiss Statistics Meeting in Zurich)

  • Sara van de GEER (Leiden University, ETH Zurich)
    A Comparison of Exponential and Hinge Loss in Classification
  • Nicolai MEINSHAUSEN (ETH Zurich)
    Detection of Rare and Weak Signals: Multiple Testing for Astronomical Data
  • A. Phil DAWID (University College London)
    Causality: Conceptions, Connexions, Confusions, Contentions

Spring 2005 (May 20)

  • Axel MUNK (University of Göttingen)
    Statistical Inverse Problems
  • Samuel MÜLLER (University of Bern)
    Model Selection in Linear and Partially Linear Models
  • Gerda CLAESKENS (KU Leuven)
    Focussed Model Selection for Cox' Hazard Regression Model
  • Stephen PORTNOY (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
    Conditional Quantiles: Reveling in the Charm of Variety