Institute of Mathematical Statistics and Actuarial Science

Swiss Statistics Seminars

These half-day workshops are organized by various research groups at Swiss universities in cooperation with the Swiss Statistical Society (SSS), Section Education and Research.

Next workshop

Spring 2025. Precise date to be set later this year...

Former events

Spring 2024 (March 15)

  • Yuansi CHEN (ETH Zürich)
    Mixing of Random Walks on Truncated Log-Concave Distributions
  • Sofia C. OLHEDE (EPF Lausanne)
    Graph Limit Models and Beyond

Spring 2023 (March 24)

  • David GINSBOURGER (University of Bern)
    On Gaussian Process Multiple-Fold Cross-Validation
  • Boaz NADLER (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel)
    Completing Large Low Rank Matrices with only Few Observed Entries: A One-Line Algorithm with Provable Guarantees

Spring 2022 (March 25)

  • Mats J. STENSRUD (EPF Lausanne)
    On (Super)Optimal Individualized Decision Rules
  • Arnaud DOUCET (University of Oxford, UK)
    Diffusion Schrödinger Bridges - From Generative Modeling to Posterior Simulation

Fall 2019 (October 25)

  • Jonas PETERS (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
    Towards Using Causality in the Sciences
  • Patrick WOLFE (Purdue University, USA)
    Modeling Large Networks and Network Populations

Fall 2018 (November 9)

  • Thordis THORARINSDOTTIR (Norwegian Computing Center, Oslo)
    Post-processing climate model output to obtain accurate high-resolution climate projections
  • Richard SAMWORTH (University of Cambridge)
    Classification with imperfect training labels

Spring 2017 (May 5)

  • Sebastian ENGELKE (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)
    An Entropy-Based Test for Multivariate Threshold Exceedances
  • Matthias TEMPL (Zürich University of Applied Sciences)
    Creating Public-Use Synthetic Data From Complex Surveys
  • Damian KOZBUR (University of Zürich)
    Targeted Undersmoothing

Spring 2015 (April 24)

  • Wilfrid KENDALL (University of Warwick) 
    A Perfect Queue
  • Julie JOSSE (Agrocampus Ouest, Rennes) 
    A Flexible Framework for Regularized Low-Rank Matrix Estimation
  • Holger DETTE (Ruhr University Bochum) 
    Copula Based Spectral Analysis

Fall 2014 (November 7)

  • David TYLER (Rutgers University)
    Robust covariances: Structured models and regularization
  • Sonia PETRONE (Bocconi University, Milano)
    On merging of Bayes and Empirical Bayes
  • Francis BACH (ENS Paris)
    Beyond stochastic gradient descent for large-scale machine learning

Spring 2014 (April 11)

  • Donald RICHARDS (Pennsylvania State University)
    The affinely invariant distance correlation
  • Antonietta MIRA (University of Lugano)
    Ordering and improving the performance of Monte Carlo Markov chains
  • Rajen SHAH (University of Cambridge)
    Min-wise hashing for large-scale regression

Spring 2013 (April 26)

  • Hein PUTTER (Leiden University)
    The Landmark Approach: An Introduction and Application to Dynamic Prediction in Competing Risks
  • Johanna F. ZIEGEL (University of Bern)
    Coherence and Elicitability
  • Piotr FRYZLEWICZ (London School of Economics and Political Science)
    Wild Binary Segmentation for Multiple Change-Point Detection

Fall 2012 (October 26)

  • Nanny WERMUTH (Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg)
    Traceable Regressions in a Prospective Study of Child Development
  • Jennifer L. WADSWORTH (EPF Lausanne)
    Dependence Modelling for Extreme Values
  • Anatoli JUDITSKY (Joseph Fourier University, Grenoble)
    Accuracy Guarantees for ℓ1 Recovery of Block-Sparse Signals

Spring 2012 (April 20)

  • Anestis ANTONIADIS (Joseph Fourier University, Grenoble)
    Wavelet Methods for Continuous-Time Prediction by Means of Markov Switching Autoregressive Hilbert Space Processes
  • Guillaume OBOZINSKI (ENS Paris)
    Convex Relaxation for Combinatorial Penalties
  • Jon WELLNER (University of Washington, Seattle)
    On and Off Semiparametric Models

Fall 2011 (October 25; Swiss Statistics Meeting in Fribourg)

  • Dominic SCHUHMACHER (University of Bern)
    Maximum-Likelihood Estimation of a Log-Concave Density based on Censored Data
  • Lutz DÜMBGEN (University of Bern)
    Comments on Projection Pursuit in High-Dimensional Settings

Spring 2011 (April 15)

  • Stefan SPERLICH (University of Geneva)
    Imposing Structure by Prior Knowledge in Semiparametric Analysis
  • Gilles BLANCHARD (University of Potsdam)
    On Optimal Rates for Kernel Conjugate Gradient Regularization under Random Design and Noise
  • Geurt JONGBLOED (TU Delft)
    Everything is Getting Worse... Or Not?

Fall 2010 (October 22)

  • Richard Nickl (University of Cambridge)
    On Adaptive Nonparametric Inference
  • Juliette BLANCHET (SLF Davos)
    Spatial Modeling of Extreme Snow Depth in Switzerland
  • Gilles CELEUX (University of Paris XI, Orsay)
    Comparing Different Points of View for Analyzing Finite Mixture Models

Spring 2010 (April 23)

  • Catalin STARICA (University of Neuchâtel)
    The stock markets of Europe: Globalization or European Integration?
  • Niko BEERENWINKEL (ETH Zürich/Basel)
    Evolutionary Dynamics of Cancer
  • Tilmann GNEITING (University of Heidelberg)
    Making and Evaluating Point Forecasts

Fall 2009 (October 30; Swiss Statistics Meeting in Geneva)

  • Reinhard FURRER (University of Zurich)
    Climate Change: The Uncertainty of Certainty
  • Christian KLEIBER (University of Basel)
    Majorization (not only) in Inequality Measurement
  • Sylvain SARDY (University of Geneva)
    L1-Penalized Likelihood Smoothing of Volatility Processes Allowing for Abrupt Changes

Spring 2009 (April 24)

  • Alan WELSH (Australian National University, Canberra)
    Recent Reflections on Extra Zeros in Count Data
  • Regina LIU (Rutgers University)
    Mining Massive Text Data: Classification, Tracking Statistics and Inference under Misclassification
  • Richard GILL (Leiden University)
    Statistics on Trial: The Case of Lucia de Berk

Fall 2008 (October 24)

  • Fabrizio RUGGERI (CNR-IMATI, Milano)
    Some Results in Bayesian Reliability
  • Fred HAMPRECHT  (Heidelberg University)
    Active Learning in Industrial Quality Control
  • Omiros PAPASPILIOPOULOS (Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona)
    Representations and Posterior Simulation for Dirichlet Hierarchical Models with Applications to Inference for Non-Parametric Hidden Markov Models

Spring 2008 (April 25)

  • Hajo HOLZMANN (University of Karlsruhe)
    Likelihood Inference for Mixtures and Hidden Markov Models under Non-Standard Conditions
  • Richard E. CHANDLER (University College London)
    Space-time Modelling Using Independence and Generalised Estimating Equations
  • Leonard HELD (University of Zurich)
    Multivariate Modelling of Infectious Disease Surveillance Data

Fall 2007 (November 16; Swiss Statistics Meeting in Lucerne)

  • Victor PANARETOS (University of California at Berkeley; EPF Lausanne)
    Partially Observed Stochastic Epidemics
  • Marloes MAATHUIS (University of Washington, Seattle; ETH Zurich)
    Limiting Distribution of the MLE for Current Status Data with Competing Risks
  • Laurie DAVIES (University of Duisburg-Essen)
    Approximation Regions and Nonparametric Regression

Spring 2007 (May 11)

  • Yanyuan MA (University of Neuchâtel)
    Parameter and Functional Estimation in Semiparametric Models
  • Yuedong WANG (University of California at Santa Barbara)
    ASSIST: A Suite of S Functions Implementing Spline Smoothing Techniques
  • Nicola SARTORI (Ca' Foscari University of Venice)
    Likelihood Inference for a Problem in Particle Physics
  • Markus REISS (Heidelberg University)
    Statistical Inverse Problems with Error in the Operator

Fall 2006 (December 8)

  • Marc GENTON (University of Geneva)
    Modeling and Inference Based on the Multivariate Skew-t Distribution
  • Juan José EGOZCUE (Polytechnic University of Catalonia)
    The Sample Space of Compositional Data
  • Tony ROSSINI (Novartis, Basel)
    Modeling, Simulation, Computing and Pharma
  • Christophe CROUX (KU Leuven)
    Robust Discrimination: An Influence Function Appraoch

Spring 2006 (May 19)

  • Davy PAINDAVEINE (ULB, Brussels)
    Rank-Based Tests of Multivariate Independence in Independent Component Models
  • Martin SCHLATHER (Helmut Schmidt University, Hamburg)
    Simulation of Gaussian Random Fields
  • Ian L. DRYDEN (University of Nottingham)
    Travels in Shape Spaces

Fall 2005 (November 11; Swiss Statistics Meeting in Zurich)

  • Sara van de GEER (Leiden University, ETH Zurich)
    A Comparison of Exponential and Hinge Loss in Classification
  • Nicolai MEINSHAUSEN (ETH Zurich)
    Detection of Rare and Weak Signals: Multiple Testing for Astronomical Data
  • A. Phil DAWID (University College London)
    Causality: Conceptions, Connexions, Confusions, Contentions

Spring 2005 (May 20)

  • Axel MUNK (University of Göttingen)
    Statistical Inverse Problems
  • Samuel MÜLLER (University of Bern)
    Model Selection in Linear and Partially Linear Models
  • Gerda CLAESKENS (KU Leuven)
    Focussed Model Selection for Cox' Hazard Regression Model
  • Stephen PORTNOY (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
    Conditional Quantiles: Reveling in the Charm of Variety