Technical Reports and Working Papers

  • A. Henzi and L. Dümbgen (2023)
    Various New Inequalities for Beta Distributions [arXiv]
  • L. Dümbgen and Lukas A. Lüthi (2022)
    Honest Confidence Bands for Isotonic Quantile Curves [arXiv]
  • L. Dümbgen (2004/2021)
    Exact Confidence Bounds in Discrete Models - Algorithmic Aspects of Sterne's Method [arXiv]
  • L. Davies and L. Dümbgen (2019/2021)
    Covariate Selection Based on an Assumption-Free Approach to Linear Regression with Exact Probabilities [arXiv]
  • L. Dümbgen and L. Davies (2018/2020)
    Connecting Model-Based and Model-Free Approaches to Linear Least Squares Regression [arXiv]
  • Christof Strähl, Johanna F. Ziegel and L. Dümbgen (2018)
    Local Estimation of a Multivariate Density and its Derivatives [arXiv]
  • L. Dümbgen, A. Mühlemann, J.F. Ziegel, U. Brunnhofer, M. Bürki, L.Kaeslin, G. Rodriguez (2018)
    Kalibrierung von Quell-Ziel-Matrizen.
    Technical report 79, IMSV, University of Bern.
  • L. Dümbgen and David E. Tyler (2016)
    Geodesic Convexity and Regularized Scatter Estimators [arXiv]
  • L. Dümbgen (2016)
    (Ab)Using Regression for Data Adjustment [arXiv]
    Technical report 78, IMSV, University of Bern.
  • L. Dümbgen (2010)
    Bounding Standard Gaussian Tail Probabilities [arXiv]
    Technical report 76, IMSV, University of Bern.
  • A. Rohde and L. Dümbgen (2009)
    Adaptive Confidence Sets for the Optimal Approximating Model [arXiv]
    Technical report 73, IMSV, Univ. of Bern.
  • L. Dümbgen and N. Zumbrunnen (2008)
    Some Methods for the Comparison of Three Expert Judgements.
    Technical report 72, IMSV, University of Bern.
  • M.L. Cule and L. Dümbgen (2008)
    On an Auxiliary Function for Log-Density Estimation [arXiv]
    Technical report 71, IMSV, University of Bern.
  • L. Dümbgen (2008)
    Variance Inequalities for Unimodal Distributions on the Unit Interval.
    Technical report 70, IMSV, University of Bern.
  • L. Dümbgen, A. Hüsler and K. Rufibach (2007, revised 2011)
    Active Set and EM Algorithms for Log-Concave Densities based on Complete and Censored Data [arXiv]
    Technical report 61, IMSV, University of Bern.
  • L. Dümbgen (2007)
    Observational Studies and the Assumption of I.I.D. Data.
    Technical report 64, IMSV, University of Bern.
  • L. Dümbgen and N. Zumbrunnen (2007)
    Analyzing Data from a Medical Call Center.
    Technical report 63, IMSV, University of Bern.