Dr. Michael Vock

Lecturer / Director of Studies in Statistical Data Science (CAS/DAS/MAS) / Coordinator of Statistical Consulting Service

Institute of Mathematical Statistics and Actuarial Science (IMSV)

+41 31 684 88 05
Postal Address
Alpeneggstrasse 22
CH-3012 Bern
Consultation Hour
by arrangement
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Courses for the MSc in Statistics

  • Linear Models and Regression II (Feb-Jun 2021)

  • Mixed-Effects Models (Sep 2009-Jun 2010, Feb-May 2012, Feb-May 2015, Feb-May 2017, Feb-May 2020)

  • Categorical Data Analysis (Feb-May 2008, Feb-May 2011, Feb-May 2014, Feb-Jun 2016, Feb-May 2019)

  • Seminar: Topics in Applied Statistical Inference (Feb-May 2018)

Module im Weiterbildungsprogramm in angewandter Statistik (CAS/DAS)

  • Einführung in Statistik-Software (Nov-Dez 2004, Dez 2006-Jan 2007, Nov-Dez 2008, Nov-Dez 2010, Nov-Dez 2012, Nov-Dez 2014, Nov-Dez 2016, Nov-Dez 2018, Nov-Dez 2020)

  • Spezielle Versuchspläne und deren Auswertung mit linearen Modellen (Apr 2013, Apr-Mai 2015, Apr-Mai 2017, Apr-Mai 2019)

  • Vertiefung lineare und verallgemeinerte lineare Modelle (Mai-Jun 2021)

  • Computerintensive Methoden (Okt 2007, Sep-Okt 2009, Nov-Dez 2011, Dez 2013, Sep 2015, Nov-Dez 2017, Nov 2019)

  • Stichprobenerhebungen (Nov-Dez 2007, Dez 2009, Dez 2011)

Übrige Vorlesungen

  • Statistik für Sportwissenschaft (Sep-Dez 2011 zusammen mit J. Hüsler, Sep-Dez 2012, Sep-Dez 2013, Sep-Dez 2014, Sep-Dez 2016, Sep-Dez 2017, Sep-Dez 2018, Sep-Dez 2019, Sep-Dez 2020)

Methodology for Measurement Comparison Studies

I have done some research on limits of agreement and other methods for analyzing agreement of measurements from different methods. Here is an article on these topics:

  • M. Vock (2016), Intervals for the assessment of measurement agreement: Similarities, differences, and consequences of incorrect interpretations. Biometrical Journal, 58, 489–501. [Abstract/pdf]

Ranked Set Sampling and Related Sampling Schemes

In my diploma thesis (pdf, 519 KB, in German) written in 2001, I investigated some aspects of ranked set sampling. After several years, I continued to work on this topic and related sampling schemes such as judgment post stratification, together with N. Balakrishnan and Ehsan Zamanzade:

  • M. Vock, N. Balakrishnan (2011), A Jonckheere–Terpstra-type test for perfect ranking in balanced ranked set sampling, Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference 141, 624–630. [Abstract/pdf]
  • M. Vock, N. Balakrishnan (2012), Nonparametric prediction intervals based on ranked set samples, Communications in Statistics – Theory and Methods 41, 2256–2268. [Abstract/pdf]
  • E. Zamanzade, N. R. Arghami, M. Vock (2012), Permutation-based tests of perfect ranking, Statistics & Probability Letters 82, 2213–2220. [Abstract/pdf]
  • M. Vock, N. Balakrishnan (2013), A connection between two nonparametric tests for perfect ranking in balanced ranked set sampling, Communications in Statistics – Theory and Methods 42, 191–193. [Abstract/pdf]
  • E. Zamanzade, N. R. Arghami, M. Vock (2014), A parametric test of perfect ranking in balanced ranked set sampling, Communications in Statistics – Theory and Methods 43, 4589–4611. [Abstract/pdf]
  • E. Zamanzade, M. Vock (2015), Variance estimation in ranked set sampling using a concomitant variable, Statistics & Probability Letters 105, 1–5. [Abstract/pdf]
  • E. Zamanzade, M. Vock (2018), Some nonparametric tests of perfect judgment ranking for judgment post stratification, Statistical Papers 59, 1085–1100. [Abstract/pdf]
  • E. Zamanzade, M. Vock (2018), Parametric tests of perfect judgment ranking based on ordered ranked set samples, REVSTAT – statistical journal 16, 463–474. [pdf]

Multivariate Location Tests for Restricted Alternatives

In 2007, I finished my PhD thesis (pdf, 1259 KB) about "One-Sided" Statistical Inference for a Multivariate Location Parameter. The Arthur Linder Award of the ROeS was awarded to me for this thesis at the ROeS Seminar 2007. Parts of this work have been published in the following articles:

  • M. Vock (2006), Graphical comparison of multivariate nonparametric location tests for restricted alternatives, Statistics & Probability Letters 76, 1529–1535. [Abstract/pdf]
  • M. Vock (2008), Enhanced one-sided confidence regions for a multivariate location parameter, Journal of Multivariate Analysis 99, 2125–2135. [Abstract/pdf]


Together with several of my fellow students, I dealt with the expected number of persons entering or leaving a pension fund:

  • K. Rufibach, M. Bertschy, M. Schüttel, M. Vock, T. Wasserfallen (2001), Eintrittsraten und Austrittswahrscheinlichkeiten EVK 2000, Mitteilungen der Schweiz. Aktuarvereinigung, 1/2001, 49-70. [pdf; this article starts at page 35 of the file]
  • Coordination of the statistical consulting service of the department

  • Organisation of the postgraduate programme in Statistical Data Science (former CAS/DAS/MAS in Applied Statistics)

  • Editor of "ROeS-Nachrichten" (bulletin of the Austro-Swiss Region of the International Biometric Society)

  • Reviews for: Annals of Statistics, Biometrical Journal, Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, Statistics & Probability Letters, Statistical Papers, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, Canadian Journal of Statistics, Communications in Statistics – Theory and Methods, Communications in Statistics – Simulation and Computation, Computational Statistics, Information Sciences, Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, Chilean Journal of Statistics.

  • Former member of the Research Ethics Committee of the Canton of Bern (Aug 2008-Jun 2013)

Some conferences, seminars etc. where we could have met - mainly for my own reference...: