Institute Seminar


Members, students and guests of our institute talk informally about current work or topics of general interest. Every now and then, projects from statistical consulting are presented as well. External participants are welcome!

Time and Venue

Friday, 4-5 pm, -204 (Alpeneggstrasse 22)

Date Title Speaker
14.09.2018 Monte Carlo estimators of value at ruin and tail value at ruin Boris Polanco
Dickman approximation using Stein's method
Chinmoy Bhattacharjee
05.10.2018 Diagonal transformations of convex bodies
Ilya Molchanov
12.10.2018 Effects of exercise and age on heart rate variability: The key roles of heart rate and arterial stiffness. Comparison between different measures of associations from multiple regression models (DAS Thesis) David Herzig
19.10.2018 Colloquium
26.10.2018 Colloquium  
02.11.2018 Colloquium  
09.11.2018 Swiss Statistics Seminar  
16.11.2018 Isotonic Distributional Regression (IDR): A powerful nonparametric calibration technique (Master thesis) Alexander Henzi
23.11.2018 New operations with convex sets (Master thesis) Jonas Theiler
30.11.2018 Colloquium  
14.12.2018, 15:00 Fatou's lemma for set-valued functions (Master thesis)
Fabienne Roduner
14.12.2018, 16:15 Colloquium