Institute Seminar


Members, students and guests of our institute talk informally about current work or topics of general interest. Every now and then, projects from statistical consulting are presented as well. External participants are welcome!

Time and Venue

Friday, 4-5 pm, -204 (Alpeneggstrasse 22)

Date Title Speaker
23.02.2018 Active set algorithms for estimation of shape-constrained density ratios Lutz Dümbgen
09.03.2018 Colloquium
23.03.2018 Colloquium  
13.04.2018 Elicitability and identifiability of measures of systemic risk Tobias Fissler (Imperial College, London)
20.04.2018 Colloquium  
27.04.2018 Mixture representations of proper scoring rules
Alexander Jordan
18.05.2018 Goodness-of-fit tests of multivariate uniformity based on random geometric graphs Matthias Schulte
01.06.2018 Monotone least squares and isotonic quantiles Alexandre Mösching
08.06.2018 Colloquium  
06.07.2018, 15:15 TBA (MAS Abschlussarbeit) Gian-Reto Kleger
Date Title Speaker
19.10.2018 Colloquium
26.10.2018 Colloquium  
09.11.2018 Swiss Statistics Seminar