Institute Seminar


Members, students and guests of our institute talk informally about ongoing work, or topics of general interest. Every now and then, projects from statistical consulting are also presented. External participants are welcome! Unless specified otherwise, institute seminars take place in Room -203 of Alpeneggstrasse 22. Masters student presentations are typically scheduled for Thursday lunchtimes (12:15pm), while all other institute seminars are on Friday afternoons (4:15pm). If you are interested in giving a talk, please contact Lea Friedli at

 Date Title
Friday, 01.03.2024 New results in stick-breaking: small-scale asymptotic structure of ordered uniform k-spacings Andrii Ilienko
07./08.03.2024 Mini-symposium
Friday, 15.03.2024 Swiss Statistics Seminar
Friday, 22.03.2024 Asymptotic tail behavior of the log-concave MLE of a univariate density Didier Ryter
(Masters thesis)
11./12.04.2024 Conference on Data Science for the Sciences
Friday, 19.04.2024 Random valuations Tommaso Visona
Friday, 26.04.2024 Easy conditioning way beyond the Gaussian Case Antoine Faul
Thursday, 02.05.2024 Pricing Models Lara Sommer (Masters thesis)
Friday, 17.05.2024 Probabilistic state-space model in R for joint inference from SEIRD ODEs and public health data Claire Descombes
(Masters thesis)
Thursday, 23.05.2024 A survey of functional depth Xinwei Li
(Masters thesis)
Friday, 24.05.2024
16:15 h, B6 (ExWi)
On Isotonic Conditional Laws and Sequential Forecast Evaluation Sebastian Arnold
(PhD defence)
Thursday, 30.05.2024  Various results for the metric spatial depth (SB)

A Simulation Study to Evaluate Statistical Approaches for the Analysis of Adverse Event Burden Score (LA)

Stefan Binder (12:15 h)

Luca Althaus (13:15 h)

(Masters theses) 

Friday, 31.05.2024 Graph kernels for Gaussian Process Regression on a set of molecules (LH)
Gaussian Process Boosting: Applications and Extensions (TH)
Lorenz Hilfiker (15:15 h)
Tobias Hugentobler (16:15 h)
(Masters theses)