Institute Seminar


Members, students and guests of our institute talk informally about current work or topics of general interest. Every now and then, projects from statistical consulting are presented as well. External participants are welcome!

Time and Venue

Friday, 4-5 pm, -203 (Alpeneggstrasse 22)

Date Title
05.03.2021 Set-Valued Data: Regression, Design and Outliers (PhD defense) Qiyu Li
19.03.2021 Tempering and Seasonality in Non-Life Insurance Modeling José Araujo Acuna
26.03.2021 The Role of Loss Functions in Regression Problems (PhD defense) Anja Mühlemann
16.04.2021 Point process convergence of random walks and the estimation of multivariate heavy-tailed distributions  Jorge Yslas
23.04.2021 Bern Data Science Day   
30.04.2021 A sequential decomposition of proper scoring rules
Sam Allen
07.05.2021 Colloquium  

Confidence bands for isotonic quantile curves using sign tests

Lukas Lüthi

28.05.2011 Colloquium   
04.06.2021 Comparing kernels for an application of Gaussian Process Regression on molecules Anna Broccard