Date and Venue

Unless specified otherwise, all colloquia take place in Room -203 of Alpeneggstrasse 22 on Friday (15:15) afternoon.


The colloquia are organized by the lecturers of IMSV. You may receive announcements via a mailing list.

Date Title Speaker
24.02.2023 High-dimensional limits for random walks Alexander Marynych (Kiev)
03.03.2023 A composite generalization of Ville's martingale theorem Martin Larsson (Carnegie Mellon)
24.03.2023 Swiss Statistics Seminar
31.03.2023 Minimum Distance Estimation of Panel Quantile Models (with Martina Pons) Blaise Melly (Bern)
20.04.2023 (Thursday) On entropy-rate bounds and two problems in Gaussian database models Ran Tamir (ETH Zürich)
28.04.2023 On the solution to the stochastic heat equation with Lévy noise Peter Kevei (Szeged)
05.05.2023 Bern Data Science Day
12.05.2023 Birthday Colloquium for Lutz Dümbgen
19.05.2023 PhD defense Athénaïs Gautier
02.06.2023 PhD defense Cédric Travelletti