Titleimage: Institute of Mathematical Statistics and Actuarial Science

The institute pursues research activities in statistics and related fields. It is responsible for the education of students in these topics. At the University of Berne, statistics is part of the Bachelor and Master programs in Mathematics. There is also a specialised Master program in Statistics and Data Science (major and minor), including courses on probability theory, statistics, mathematical finance and actuarial science.

In addition to the education of students of different fields (natural sciences, economics, medicine and others) and diversified research activities, the institute also offers courses for continuing education. Every two years, a three-semester postgraduate course in applied statistics is organized.

The institute also offers consulting in applied statistics. We cooperate with the customer in planning, realization and analysis of studies or projects and provide expertises for statistical reports or theses.

The institute is led by its professors Lutz Dümbgen, Ilya Molchanov and Johanna F. Ziegel. Current chair is Ilya Molchanov. The Institute belongs to the Departement of Mathematics and Statistics.